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The whole family is fighting a cold on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3. The theory is that Mitchell caught it on his honeymoon when his socks got damp on the beach (his ankles burn). The virus spread through the family affecting everyone with different symptoms.

It finally reached Claire when she had an important client meeting for Jay. Claire is afraid to disappoint her father since he prides himself on her being the tough kid. She blows the meeting and Gloria tells him he puts too much pressure on his kids. 

Gloria tries to use this as the reason Manny wasn't doing well as the kicker of the football team. However, Manny corrects everyone and tells Gloria that it's the pressure she puts on him telling him he is so perfect all the time.

Cam makes the ultimate decision to bench Manny during the game. Gloria shuns him at dinner until the fight when Manny comes clean.

Meanwhile, Phil gets Cam and Mitchell's wedding video and during a screening realizes that he is patient zero. He had the cold first and gave it to Mitchell. He and Luke try to edit the video to avoid exposing Phil's secret. In the end, everyone is too focused on how they looked rather than on Phil.

Haley tries to avoid seeing Andy because of their sexual tension. Lily has a new friend that's smarter and more talented than her. Mitchell accidentally makes her cry.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

It went to my ears on our flight home. I may have moaned a bit. A crying baby complained about me.


I never get sick. I must've caught some kind of chill on the beach when my socks got wet...My ankles burn.