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It was Thanksgiving on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 8. Claire decided to let Phil be in charge of all of the cooking this year, which was clearly suspicious because Claire is such a control freak. 

Unsurprisingly, Alex found Claire in the garage hiding a backup turkey. She decided to keep her secret and the two type-A brainiacs of the house bonded and decided to mock the others for a little. When Claire was playing with one of Phil's inventions, she ended up blowing a fuse and ruining half the meal.

The family rushed over to use Jay's kitchen, thinking he, Gloria, and Joe were away in Mexico. However, the trip got canceled due to weather, so they decided to hide out and have a stay-cation. Their plan was thrown off course when the Dunphys needed use of their kitchen.

First they hid in the bedroom, then they hid in the bathroom when they heard Cam and Mitchell. Then they decided to sneak down the back stairs and pretend they came home early. Only they forgot Joe in the bedroom!

Jay comes clean as it's revealed that Claire had a backup turkey.

Manny and Haley had several awkward and perverted run ins. Haley is sad that Manny doesn't have a crush on her anymore.

Cam and Mitchell fight with Lily about putting on her Thanksgiving dress. They try and win their argument with her by trying on Gloria's dresses.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I like staying with you but it's basically camping.

Manny [to Haley]

I listened to her meringue instructions in the car last week. There was so much whipping and beating I had to pull over.