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Somebody has been leaving flowers in the Dunphy's mailbox on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9. Haley mentions they might be from a flowery delivery guy she dated who was an ex-con. However, Phil thinks he drew the attention in attention by washing the car in his cheer shorts.

Alex asks if anybody ever thought the flowers might be for her since after all she has a boyfriend!

Shocked by this news, Claire and Phil ask all about him, but after hitting two snag Claire quickly determines that he might be fake. Haley agrees. Phil yells at them and tells Alex to invite him over. Unfortunately, her real boyfriend Alec's father got a job helping babies in Africa so the family is moving.

Now Claire and Philly REALLY think he never existed. Especially when Alex goes off on them and says she has a rebound date. All of the details she gives about the new date match up with items in her room. Turns out, he existed to! And has quite the rap sheet. Uh oh.

Jay tells Manny he is a patsy. He and Gloria attend a Bark Mitzvah with Stella, but Jay only took her hoping they would fight about it and agree to have separate interests. It backfired.

Kristen Johnston guest stars as Mitchell's coworker who is getting a divorce. She asks if she can stay over and Cam convinces Mitchell to say yes and be more compassionate. They both panic over her getting sloppy on their new white on white couch.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Claire: Who's Victor? We never heard about him.
Haley: Oh because I knew you'd never let me go out with an ex con.

Haley isn't the only hottie living here. I washed the car in my cheer shorts the other day. I definitely felt eyes on me.