Mom Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Fake Bacon and a Plan to Kill All of Us

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Things got existential on Mom Season 7 Episode 5 when a member of their AA meeting dies.

There is so much to love in this episode of Mom. It's cohesive, and gets back to the core of the show. Some of Mom's strongest episodes have been around emotionally significant events, and this episode falls into that category. 

Characters have died on Mom before. Bonnie lost Alvin. They all lost Jodi. Marjorie lost Victor. Mom has always handled grief well, and in this case, it's no as heavy bit it's still poignant and resonates. 

Bonnie Hugs Wendy - Mom Season 7 Episode 5

The reactions from the group after Mary's death are all very real. They lament that they didn't know her well, and Bonnie feels guilty about being mean to her.

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The resulting change in Bonnie is striking; and weird! 

After six seasons of Bonnie being sarcastic, it feels so strange to have her try to be nice. That sentiment gets echoed by just about every character.

Bonnie: That is such a loving and kind thing to do.
Jill: You being mean?
Bonnie: I'm being sincere.
Jill: Yea. Still can't tell.

This change of pace is kind of nice for Bonnie. She's still funny, but doesn't have the hard-edge biting sarcasm we're used to seeing. 

Bonnie being nice also gave us a scene led to something I have been craving for seasons: a bit about Wendy. 

Bonnie Gives Tammy Some News - Mom Season 7 Episode 5

I said in my review of Mom Season 7 Episode 4 that Wendy being the running joke of the group was getting old. She's a person and she had to start coming into the foreground. 

This episode gave me the first inkling that the show might be moving towards that when Bonnie went to see her and bring her to the memorial it felt like such a victory. 

Wendy's feelings are relatable, and it is time that someone respected her and made her feel a little more included in the group.

Getting a few bits of backstory about where she's from, her lesbian moms, and her seafaring childhood is rich and rewarding to this character that has been on this show for a long time. I am looking forward to getting a little more from Wendy in the season to come. 

Tammy Is Freaking Out - Mom Season 7 Episode 5

A running gag from this episode is Tammy freaking out over Marjorie dying. 

Tammy's fear is another plot point that's very relatable and it's sweet that she cares enough for Marjorie, but she takes it a little far. (Because seriously, who messes with a person's bacon! Don't do that!)

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On the flip side, you have Christy who is getting a look at the criminal justice system when she decides to help Mary's grandson Todd.

The thing is, once she realizes that Todd is guilty, she no longer wants to help him. It prompts Veronica to give Christy a little perspective about how a legal practice works and exactly what type of clients are going to bring her money. 

Veronica: People who need lawyers tend to be people who make bad choices. So, do we judge bad choices? No! We love bad choices! Because they pay for our shoes and food and vacations. Do you like shoes and food and vacations?
Christy: Not these shoes! Not right now.

It is a lesson that Christy really needs. She's idealistic and while she's working hard to achieve her goals, she can't assume that she's only going to have to defend innocent clients, or good repentant people. 

She also can't expect to make a living if that's all she represents. 

Christy Props Up Her Boss - Mom Season 7 Episode 5

That is one of the reasons why I love Veronica as her boss. Paget Brewster is phenomenal in this role. Her rapid-fire delivery is perfect, and her commanding and self-assured presence makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.

While it first seemed like she was another in a long line of jerk bosses that Christy's had, she's got perspective underneath it all and can positively shape Christy. 

Veronica has a larger than life personality, but she's good at what she does. While buying pot for her boss and slapping sense into her isn't exactly how Christy imagined this job going, she can learn from Veronica. 

More importantly, this episode proves that on some level, Veronica is still willing to teach her. Even if it's by just giving Christy her pro bono work. 

I'm glad that Christy is sticking with this job and working with Veronica. I think that in time she may even earn Veronica's respect, but right now Christy's still new to practicing law and has a lot to learn. 

Veronica Gets a Treadmill - Mom

Jill's way of dealing with Mary's death is to throw her a memorial service. Jill feels guilty that she didn't know Mary better, and this is her way of remedying that. 

It is truly a sweet gesture from Jill, and it fits her personality well. True, she didn't think the whole, 'I didn't really know Mary' part through and just threw a party with things she likes, but she gave someone a great sendoff they wouldn't have had otherwise. 

The episode ends with Mary's daughter Angela thanking Christy for what they put together. 

It's worth noting that this is the second episode in a row where Christy seems to have affected some sort of change in someone's life.

Angela's moment with Christy is very sweet and sincere, and if she wants to affect change in her life, I think she'd be a welcome addition to the group. Even as an occasional side character. 

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This moment is much more understated than when Rudy proclaimed that Christy ruined drinking for him after she had to drag him to court-ordered AA. The contrast works in this case. 

Christy Shrugs - Mom

Now, while Angela might be trying to change her life, can we say the same for Todd who just stole Jill's Range Rover? 

What did you think of this episode of Mom? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to watch Mom online to see this dramatic episode again. 


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Mom Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

You know when you think about it, god has a plan to kill all of us. It's just a matter of where and when. And how! Also how!


Mary's last moment on this earth was me being mean to her. I'm a horrible person.