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Raelle won't go to the wedding of Abigail's cousin if she can't bring Scylla. Scylla encourages Raelle to go without her anyway. Scylla crashes the wedding in Marblehead, Mass., disguised as a server. Berryessa Tansey officiates at the joining of Charval Bellweather and Ciro Hood. Petra and General Clary conspire against General Alder but Anacostia is aware of their talk. Tally pulls Raelle out of a confrontation with Anacostia. Anacostia warns Scylla to end things with Raelle. Gerit is at the wedding and Tally rushes up to say hi. What she doesn't know is that Gerit is already engaged. Charval doesn't understand why Abigail is stressing her introduction to the dean of War College. Gerit and Tally exchange vows of love and he promises to explain everything afterward. That's because he's joining with Hilary Saint. Abigail has a quickie to settle her nerves. The unit is introduced to the dean. She can tell Tally is in distress. Tally excuses herself and Raelle goes to comfort her. The dean tells Abigail she's a shoo-in for War College because of her lineage. Raelle confronts Petra about her mother's death and Petra raves about her mother's skills. A weeping Tally hiding in a restroom stall overhears Scylla talking to her Spree commander about extracting Raelle. Scylla tries to coax Raelle to take a walk on the beach but Raelle wants to dance instead. Abigail tells Gerit to leave Tally alone. Tally tells Anacostia Scylla is Spree. Scylla can't bring herself to carry out her assignment. Abigail finds Charval dead in a tub. Then two Spree assassins attack her. Spree balloons float over the estate. Petra stops the attack on Abigail and they drive off the assassins, who immolate themselves. Scylla has disappeared, leaving behind the charm Raelle made for her.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

If you don't come today, you're only hurting yourself.

Abigail [to Raelle]

This is the High-Atlantic function of the year. It's our chance to show who we are to the community that matters.