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Raella is recovering after trying to heal Porter following his Spree-assisted suicide. Raella tells Anacostia Porter didn't try to kill himself. Alder and her inner circle debate whether Porter's death had anything to do with a Spree infiltration. General Bellweather pushes to cancel Beltane. Alder disagrees. Scylla attempts to convince Raelle that Porter's death had nothing to do with them. The fertility rite of Beltane helps the witches to recharge their powers. The Necros are planning a seance to communicate with Porter. Rebuffed by Alder when she inquires about the nomadic witches in Asia, Petra runs into Abigail and her unit. Petra commands Abigail to bring her unit to her cousin's wedding. Raelle has visions of Porter talking with Scylla and his clmbing to the roof to jump. Gerit is flirting with another witch, which makes Tally anxious. Porter's gay brother Adil thanks Raelle for trying to save him. He says Porter wasn't suicidal. Raelle confronts Scylla about her visions. Scylla tells her to stop asking questions. All the witches, male and female, take part in a fertility reel to help them choose their partners. Tally ends up with Gerit as she'd hoped. Alder hooks up with Witch Father. Scylla's spell raises the temperature in the morgue. Anacostia and Petra check every mirror for the residue the Spree use to communicate. Gerit and Tally make love. A Spree spell corrupts Porter's answers so that it appears he committed suicide. The security check fails. Tally and Raelle accept Abigail's invitation to the wedding. Scylla tells Raelle she has feelings for her and Raelle reciprocates. Witch Doctor gives Raelle the scourge that Porter made. Scylla is attacked by another Spree witch, who orders her to get invited to the Bellweather wedding.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Alder: Beltane is sacred.
Anacostia: I couldn't agree more.

Anacostia: You could have died.
Raelle: I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry.
Anacostia: We are all incredibly proud of you. That kind of bravery can't be taught.