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Raelle wakes up in bed with Scylla and misses inspection. Scylla is elusive when Raelle asks about her background. General Alder gets in a heated discussion with President Wade about progress against the Spree. Anacostia gives Raelle guard duty for being late. Tally sees an old friend, Glory, across the cafeteria. Anacostia announces that the top five units will attend the pageant in Salem Town. Alder updates Anacostia, her ward, on the meeting with the President. Alder tells Anacostia to keep her updated on the Bellweather Unit. Abigail gets into with Libba Swythe, an old rival, at training. Today's training session is about wind shear. Abigail hates Libba because Libba spoiled Abigail's debut. Raelle serves guard duty with Lt. Helen Graves, a second-year student at War College. Helen is a Necro, like Scylla. Helen advises Raelle to give Scylla time to open up. Helen is Scylla in disguise. To punish a sleepy Raelle, Anacostia makes Abigail hold a difficult chord for a painfully long time. Abigail resists Raelle's offer to heal her throat. Tally and her mother Mae try to have a civilized conversation but fail. The quarreling unit blows a big hole in a metal plate with their wind strike. This earns them a trip to the pageant. Anacostia warns the recruits not to use their powers off base. Tally stops to talk to a shy, young girl. The pageant reenacts the story of how the Salem Accord came into existence. Tally is enthralled by it but Abigail and Raelle sneak off for pizza. They reach a truce. An attack on the Spree goes badly, killing all involved, including General Clary's daughter. Raelle introduces everyone to Scylla. A balloon causes a panic at the pageant. Tally knocks down an aggressive man with a wind strike. The girls celebrate later. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Raelle: Where do you come from?
Scylla: All over.
Raelle: Could you be more vague?

Oh, no. This is important. I have to secure this area.

Scylla [to Raelle]