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Petra hopes that media coverage will keep the Bellweather Unit alive until their trial and that they can find President Wade. Wade is recovering and Marshall Horse is comatose in a cabin following a car accident. M tells her they're snowed in with no food. The unit's trial is going to be a sham with a foregone verdict. But Silver and Kara are concerned about the narrative. After Tally and Abigail's testimonies go badly, the judge agrees to let one of them speak uninterrupted and Raelle is chosen. Her speech has an impact. Wade arrives in court and slaps Silver. Wade gives a speech in which she gives the Cession greater autonomy and exonerates the unit. Camarilla everywhere, including Silver, are arrested. Kara and Hearst are still at large. Wade was rescued after Nicte's bats saw M collecting firewood. Abigail is planning Raelle and Scylla's wedding. Tally's old beau Gerit arrives at Fort Salem. Scylla brings Raelle to her lighthouse. Nicte is a surprise guest at the wedding at the Bellweather Estate. Then Alder arrives Khalida, who heard her singing and moved a mountain to rescue her. Raelle and Scylla invite Abigail and Adil to get married with them. Minerva supplies Abigail with the family wedding dress. Alder leaves before the ceremony to hunt for the last piece of the First Song. Wade officiates the double ceremony. Nicte offers her services to Wade in the battle against the Camarilla. Tally and Gerit get together at the reception. Hearst rescues Silver. Raelle sings to Scylla. Hearst invades Izadora's lab at Fort Salem and discovers Penelope. Izadora is overwhelmed by the Camarilla and has her throat slashed. Hearst approaches the mycelium. Anacostia says Fort Salem has fallen. The Mother takes control of Raelle. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Wade: Well, tell me some good news.
M: We do have one day's firewood left.

Petra: I am so proud of you all. As much as it breaks my heart, this was a brave decision and you saved lives.
Abigail: The occupation had to end and it seemed like this was the only way.