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Tally's scrying enables her to watch a confrontation between one of the First Song stewards and male pursuers. The witch's song encases the men, then herself, in ice. Alder and Tally are going to find the steward while Abigail, Raelle, and Adil seek to rescue Scylla. Anacostia reveals she recognizes Nicte despite her change of face. A deserter tells the Cession militia that they were sent into battle without medics. She informs them where Scylla is being held at The Slaughterhouse. Scylla is blocking psychic interrogation with memories of Raelle. Silver surprises Petra and accuses her of slowplaying the occupation. Nicte unveils her army of bats to Anacostia. Nicte questions if Wade would be able to stop the ongoing war with the Camarilla. Abigail and Adil act drunk to distract the guards while Raelle slips inside. Alder uses the music box to awake the frozen steward, who grabs and possesses Tally. Raelle uses the threat of the witch bomb to get the Camarilla interrogator to free Scylla then they knock him out. They kiss. Alder uses a sword to cut off the steward's hand and free Tally. Thelma's militia arrives as the quartet escapes. The Camarilla attack the Army cadets when they refuse to face the militia. Petra causes Jarrett to collapse and die using just her pen. When all the cadets are slain, Abigail kills the Camarilla leaders with hail. Tally trades her sight for the mad steward's song. Alder saves steward Tally but is buried in the collapsing ice cave. Sterling takes on Jarrett's face long enough to fool Silver. Nicte sends her bats to search for the marshal. Tally was found in the hotel's garden covered in frostbite days earlier. The fugitives turn themselves in to the Army. Raelle proposes to Scylla. Petra declares the occupation over. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Adil: How do you know the First Song can stop [the witch bomb]?
Alder: It's not about knowing. It's about trusting The Mother.
Abigail: I'm sorry, but that's not enough.
Alder: Then trust me.

Alder: Did the song lead you to her?
Tally: I know where she is.