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More than 130,000 years ago, six women sang and chanted in Mother Tongue before parting. In a distribution warehouse in the Midwest, the fugitives hide among the Dodgers. Nicte Batan urges the other fugitives to change their faces as she has but they resist. Vice President Silver, the Camarilla's public face, gives an interview about the loss of his witch daughter Penelope. Mac, the Dodger supervisor, pleads with the fugitives to lie low. Izadora tells Petra that the witch-plague vaccine is nearly ready. Tally and Nicte train on the warehouse's rooftop. Abigail is desperate to talk to Petra somehow. Vira, an old flame of Scylla, walks into the cafeteria and tensions flare. Silver is making a deal for industrial drilling bits. While Abigail attempts to reach Petra by pay phone, Adil notices a man scanning people with a special flashlight, looking for works. He grabs Abigail and they run and hide. A surprised Tally nearly falls off the roof before Nicte grabs her but not before a man walking by sees what happened. M seeks direction from Anacostia. Adil and Abigail's talk about having children is interrupted by alarms as the police Adil saw earlier have arrived at the warehouse after a report by the man who saw Tally. Scylla changes her face and gives the police a tour of the warehouse. The head cop's flashlight allows him to see all the beds behind a bulletin board. The warehouse is burned so the Dodgers have to be moved. Anacostia sends in M to eavesdrop on Silver and Hirst. The witch plague falls like rain on Fort Salem. The Camarilla are drilling to destroy what they believe is the source of witches' power. Scylla shows Abigail a way to reach Petra using a bathroom mirror. Alder returns.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Do you think these people want you here looking like that? Think hard about it.

Nicte [to the fugitives]

Mac: Why is all that copy paper over there?
Raelle: Because that seems like a good place for it?