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Alban Hearst and the Camarilla have brought the witch plague to Fort Salem. Petra orders a counter-offensive. Alder and her Biddies offer to help and Petra sends her and Anastasia to check on officers' housing. The Camarilla attack headquarters and Nicte stands with Petra to fight them. Using her scrying, Tally discovers a spell to short-circuit the Camarilla's voice boxes. Alder and Anacostia run into a party of Camarilla that have killed many of the officers. Alder's Biddies are killed by the witch plague. Alder reverts to her natural age. Petra turns Nicte loose. Khalida incinerates the Camarilla who stabbed Adil. Raella discovers that the witch bomb may be able to override the witch plague. Penelope is the source of the witch plague. Raelle's witch bomb and Abigail's water spout overcome the witch plague but Penelope dies. Afterward, Raelle calls home to talk with Edwin and Scylla. A mummified Alder wants to talk to the Bellweather Unit before she goes into the Mother Wall. Petra assigns Anacostia to determine how the Camarilla got on base. V.P. Silver shows up with an arrest warrant for the unit for murder. They get taken into custody. Anacostia figures out that someone posing as Sterling let the Camarilla posing as news crews on base. President Wade is more concerned about optics than the truth in Penelope's death. Petra has Anacostia call Scylla. Khalida tells Adil she's ready to fight. Anacostia recruits Adil and Khalida to rescue the unit. First, Adil and Khalida gash the road, stopping the prison bus. Then Scylla uses Morgan's Whisper to enchant the guards and free them. Petra will blame their escape on the Spree. The unit goes with Nicte, Scylla, and Quinn back to the Cession. Silver is in league with the Camarilla. Alder is making a comeback in the mycelium. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Abigail: "Hey, Camarilla"?
Tally: It was all I could think of.
Gregor: To your credit.

Abigail, we can't fight [the Camarilla] in the middle of that [witch plague]. That's suicide. We have to fall back.

Raelle [to Abigail]