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Lucy's mom, Patrice, steals her son's car and drives to The Claw, where she used to work.

Laura reveals that she'll be collecting Tiffany's inheritance and asks Ace to move to Paris with her. 

Lucy sends a sign to let Nancy know she's on the right track. Tiffany's death is connected to Lucy's. 

Nancy enlists Ace and Laura's help and they discover that Tiffany was being tracked by the Hudsons. 

Nancy and Ace visit the library and go through Tiffany's computer history. They find love letters and evidence of a fight between Lucy and Ryan. They arrange to meet the night that Lucy was killed.

The Drew Crew along with Laura and Karen come up with a plan to expose Ryan. They lure him to The Claw and ask him to help them reenact the night of Tiffany's murder. 

They realize there was a meal left unattended, and due to the rarity of the poison, it may not have been detected when the food was tested. The food was meant for Ryan Hudson, making him the intended target. 

Nancy shows Ryan the video she took the night of Tiffany's death. Lucy helps Nancy understand that the killer could hear Ryan's order. Nancy accuses Ryan of murdering Lucy, and shows him the emails they found. 

Lucy appears behind Nancy and Ryan flees. 

Nancy goes to the garage to check Lucy's computer and runs into Josh. Josh had access to all of Lucy's emails and Nancy realizes that he poisoned the food to get revenge for the way Ryan treated his sister. 

Josh attacks Nancy, but she fends him off. He is accidentally electrocuted during the struggle. 

George gives Bess advice about her dilemma with Lisbeth and Amaya. In return, Bess tells her she should stop trying to fight her feelings for Nick.

Ace tells Laura he can't go to Paris with her. 

Josh's body disappears. 

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

You lost me once. Do you really want to lose me again?


Laura, I promised Tiffany I would keep you safe. And I'm sorry. I feel terrible. If I had known the Hudsons were gonna try and kill you...