Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14 Review: The Sign of the Uninvited Guest

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In a shocking turn of events, Tiffany Hudson's killer is finally revealed on Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

"The Sign of the Uninvited Guest" changed everything we thought we knew about the mystery viewers have been focused on since the beginning.

Due to an accidental mixup behind the scenes of The Claw, the wrong Hudson was poisoned, and the wrong suspects were considered. 

Friend or Foe? - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

Isn't salad supposed to be good for you? Because it had the opposite effect on one unlucky woman. 

Nancy Drew had exhausted every possible suspect in Tiffany's murder case. There was no one else who could be the killer, without the revelation being either predictable or unrealistic. 

I came to the conclusion that the murderer would have to be a character viewers haven't met, or a character we've suspected from the very beginning. But both of these options would have been an unsatisfying resolution to one of the show's main plotlines. 

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when the series threw us for a loop by pushing the audience to make incorrect assumptions. 

Bess: We're all just as responsible for Tiffany's death as the poison.
Nick: Guys, don't do this to yourselves.
George: It's easy for you to say. You didn't help kill a woman.
Nick: What happened was a horrible accident. The real killer's out there. You should not feel guilty for what they did. That's not on us. What is on us is to find out who it was and hold them accountable.
Laura: I can see why Tiffany liked you so much.

This entire time we were lead to believe that Tiffany was the intended target. And why would we question it?

Tiffany was dead, and due to the poison that was discovered in the food, it was no accident. 

Ace - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

But given that the food wasn't delivered by the killer, there was no controlling how and if it got to the right person. 

Rather than questioning who would have a motive to kill Tiffany, we should have been questioning who would have a motive to kill Ryan. It was for this reason, alone, that the Drew Crew was unable to crack the case until the last minute. 

Ryan, that poison wasn't meant for Tiffany. It was meant for you.


I never believed Ryan could be Tiffany's killer due to it being much too obvious. The angry husband who wants to kill his wife for money? That's the plot of every Lifetime movie. 

However, Nancy Drew is a new show and this was the first big mystery, so we had no way of knowing how predictable or shocking the series would be.

Ace and Bess - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

It's still too early to call it one or the other, but the writers are off to a good start based on this episode, alone. 

Lucy's brother, Josh, was also connected to Nick, which made him involved enough in the story to give viewers some semblance of satisfaction. 

It was supposed to be Ryan.


Tiffany's death had nothing to do with digging into Lucy's. Tiffany never should have died, in the first place.

Something else that was misinterpreted by everyone was why Lucy and Tiffany were killed by the same rare poisons. It wasn't a coincidence, and it lead the Drew Crew, along with the audience, into believing that the same person was responsible for both murders. 

On the Clock - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

But making Ryan suffer in the same way that Josh believed he made Lucy suffer, was the real reason for the connection. 

Which leads us to our next question: If there are two separate killers out there, who killed Lucy?

Josh may have believed it was Ryan, but we know better than that. 

They arrange to meet the night that Lucy was killed.


Is it possible that Ryan and Lucy were simply two tragic star-crossed lovers? And that everything has been a big misunderstanding?

Did Lucy lead Nancy to her brother because she wanted to keep Ryan safe from him?

Waiting - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

The story concluded with Josh's electrocution and his missing corpse. The odds that he walked away from such a gruesome event are slim to none, making a supernatural presence the only viable option. 

Did Lucy take her brother's body? If she did, was it out of anger or remorse? Josh did try and kill Ryan for Lucy's memory, after all. 

We may have finally gotten the answers we've been looking for, but we somehow ended up with even more questions.

One major mystery is solved, but now Nancy and the Drew Crew have an even bigger caseload than before. 

Someone really needs to start paying them for this. 

George - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14

Stray Thoughts:

  • Is anyone else not feeling it between Ace and Laura? I have to admit that I'm glad she left so we can put that relationship to rest.
  • Nancy and Ace's friendship is often underrated, but it becomes more apparent when they spend one-on-one time together. It's comedic to watch Nancy charge at people full force and for Ace to pull back the reins. Can we get more of them, please?
  • We did not need a Lisbeth/Bess/Amaya love triangle on top of everything that's going on, so thank goodness Nancy Drew decided not to expand on with that idea. 
  • The show finally addressed, outright, that George has developed feelings for Nick. We've got our fingers crossed that they'll get a real chance to flourish and won't be used as a cheap obstacle for Nick and Nancy. George deserves better than that.
  • Where does Owen keep going? At this point, he either needs to be all in or all out. He's missing far too often to be a critical character, but he always pops up when Nancy needs him most. Didn't they kiss on Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11? Are they dropping that? It feels too jumbled.

It's your turn, Nancy Drew fans!

What did you think of "The Sign of the Uninvited Guest"? 

Hit the comments section down below and let us know your thoughts and predictions! 

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The Sign of the Uninvited Guest Review

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