Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune

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This show never fails to spin out fun, original episodes that are a joy to watch.

Coming off of a lust-crazy ghost adventure, Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11 was a wild mixture of Groundhog Day, amnesia, and something that is entirely the series' own.

As has been a staple on Nancy Drew, the hour was full of funny moments, terrifying scares, and heartbreaking scenes that combined to make a story we will not soon forget. And, yes, that pun was intended.

Drew Crew - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

Time loop films and episodes of television shows have been done time and time again. But Nancy Drew managed to pull from that trope and make it into something fresh and new.

For starters, the day wasn't repeating itself. Instead, time went on while the Drew Crew replayed their endless cycle of trying to defeat the Grimathorn, failing, and resetting their memory.

Nick: "Nick Nickerson. Good at building stuff. Suspect in a murder investigation, but don't worry, you are innocent.
George: Want to trade? I have a dead French lady inside me.

It was beyond entertaining to see them lose their memory and start their dynamics from scratch. Of course, they ended up trusting one another and forming tight bonds while on their mission.

If this episode proved anything, it's that this group of friends was meant to find one another and solve mysteries together. If that doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will.

Nick - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

While it was a group effort to take down the ancient Viking god, Nick was the real star of the hour. Or, should we say, Tunji Kasim was.

It's no surprise since we all saw him masterfully portray Nick's anguish and hurt when George died on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 5. But it's always nice to be reminded of his range as an actor.

Nick was almost entirely unrecognizable when he lost his memories, and we knew right away when the real Nick was back. And the scene where Carson told him that he had killed someone years ago was, to put it lightly, heartbreaking.

Amnesic Nick was full of innocence and wonder, so we get why George wanted to protect him from the truth. But that's what the two of them do because they love one another.

Nick was definitely the heart of the episode, and we appreciate that Nancy Drew gives all their main characters room to grow and step into the spotlight. It's a rarity nowadays that shows remember to give all their stars intriguing stories.

George and Nick - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

It's hard to see George and Nick ever breaking up at this point. And I truly hope I didn't jinx their relationship by writing that.

They are two very strong characters on their own, but together they're magic.

The two of them fit together so well, even though they shouldn't, and have built a relationship rooted in love and trust.

Nick: I killed someone. I had to learn it from Ace's dad. Not from my friends. Not my girlfriend. Is it...Is it because you're ashamed of me?
George: No, no, no. Anything but that. Look, I didn't know how to tell you about the worst trauma of your life. I didn't want you to have to go through that again.

Yes, sometimes they keep a couple of things from one another. But that's all a part of growing together and realizing that they're better off when they're on the same page.

And on "The Scrouge of the Forgotten Rune," George and Nick continued to open up to each other and prove why they are such a great couple. We desperately hope that their love continues because they really do make the other a better person.

Nancy Drew - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

In the midst of the crazy memory loop, Nancy dealt with the fallout of Celia finding out she was her granddaughter.

Celia knowing is one thing, but Everett discovering the truth would be a death sentence for Nancy. This means, of course, that he is destined to find out before Nancy Drew Season 2 concludes.

Ace: I'm running software to try and track down the troll master.
Bess: And I'm scrolling through Instagram while we wait. Since we're all announcing what we're doing.

Carson and Ryan can only protect their daughter from so much, but they need to realize that she can handle almost anything thrown at her. Even if she acts without thinking sometimes, she always does the right thing in the end.

Thankfully, she now knows the danger of Everett realizing he is her grandfather. The only right move from here is to get him to trust her. As insane as that sounds, at least she appears to have Celia somewhat in her corner.

Carson and Nancy - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

One of the underlying themes of this season is Nancy's fear of becoming a Hudson and everything that name entails.

Ryan has had significant character development throughout his time on the show, and we love the progress of his relationship with Nancy. But his parents are another story entirely.

Nancy is afraid that she will become ruthless and unforgiving, just like Everett. What she doesn't realize, however, is that nurture definitely won out when it comes to her character.

Nancy: Maybe I am more Hudson than Drew.
Carson: You're my daughter. And you can still do the right thing. You may have their blood, but you're a Drew at heart.
Nancy: Thanks, Dad. I really needed to hear that from you.

Even though she is a Hudson by nature, she is a Drew, through and through. And she is so lucky to have Carson in her life to remind her of that.

Nancy and Carson have been through so much since she found out the truth regarding her adoption on Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16. We are so happy that they have gotten to the point where they can live together again.

Nancy and Bess - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11

Nancy isn't the only member of the Drew Crew to have family drama, though.

At long last, we have met Ace's brother. Surprisingly, it's the new line cook at The Claw -- Grant.

Grant has been in the background for the past few episodes, so it was difficult to notice him. But he was there, and he definitely knew that Ace was his brother all along.

Grant: Oh, this is not food-free.
Ace: You're not food-free, Grant!

The question is why he took so long to come forward and why he is in Horseshoe Bay. Plus, Ace still hasn't confronted his father about his long-lost brother.

There is still so much we have to learn about this wildly intriguing story. But if the trailer for Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12 is any indication, we are about to get a lot of answers.

What do you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

Did you love the memory loop story and the Grimathorn? How much did Nick make you cry? Did your heart swell when Ryan texted Nancy and Carson about an emergency family meeting?

And do you believe that Ace and Grant are actually the Hardy Boys?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune Review

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Grant: Oh, this is not food-free.
Ace: You're not food-free, Grant!

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