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- Rayna tries to buy out Edgehill's rights to her music, with Lamar's help.

- Juliette gets invited into the Opry by Rayna, but overhears Luke Wheeler making fun at her. 

- Luke Wheeler forces Rayna to sing at the benefit.

- Layla sets up Scarlett for failure on the red carpet.

- Deacon plays the piano with Scarlett after a talk with Rayna.

- Will sleeps with Zoey.

- Tandy strikes a deal that leads to Lamar's arrest.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You might wanna stop poking that bear.


I really think it's time that Jeff Fordham met the Wyatt side of Rayna James.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 5 Music

  Song Artist
Song Be My Girl Sam Palladio
Song Built It Just For Us Achertown
Charles esten this town This Town Charles Esten iTunes