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Rayna and the family attend a gala for her late mother.  Maddie gets upset when Teddy shows up with Peggy wearing an engagement ring around her neck.  She runs away and they all search for her.  Maddie called Juliette to pick her up, and Juliette eventually calls Rayna to get Maddie.


Deacon goes on a date with his court appointed lawyer, and later acts fatherly in calling to make sure Maddie is okay.


Will wants to cut Gunnar’s song as a single, but after getting advice from Avery, Gunnar decides to say no to Will.


Scarlett has trouble adjusting to singing for a living, but Zoey helps her take the edge off by going out on the town.


Tandy looks into her mother’s death and is certain her father was responsible.  She turns over evidence of his dirty work in politics.

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