Nashville Review: Rayna's Resurrection

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Nothing brings out the drama on Nashville quite like an event that showcases a bunch of the artists at once. This week on "Don't Open That Door," it was Luke Wheeler's benefit concert. 

With Edgehill buttering up its younger stars and some staged stuff with its more established artists, the hour was chock full of PR disasters waiting to happen.

Goodbye to Edgehill?

First, we've got the newbies. Layla is a well oiled mini-Juliette machine that the press and teenyboppers are destined to love. The difference is, Juliette's been through enough to know that sometimes you have to act like an adult, respect people and grow up. I don't think that Scarlett's big problem is going to be her nerves and lack of perfect backstory on the red carpet.

What's going to hurt Scarlett is not having been taught to deal with little backstabbing bitches like Layla. Layla, hunnie, that act's gonna get tired real soon.

By the way, as awkward as Scarlett was, she knows how to answer a question with a smart mind. For instance, when asked about Deacon's accident, she said it was a personal matter. Conviction and self assurance will build as her exposure does and she gets more experience in these situations. If that happened in real life, E! News would be replaying the clip about a hundred times and talking about "Scarlett's family drama."

If anything, the less manufactured you are these days, the more press you get anyway. I don't think there's any manager in their right mind who told Miley Cyrus to hump a foam finger.

But back to Nashville: luckily Will had Scarlett's back. He seems to be getting the hang of balancing his true instincts with what the label wants. He admits he messed up with Gunnar, he apologized and he moved forward. He knows how to go out and tweet #LaylaandWill. He also knows to call a spade a spade and not to fall for Layla's little act. Will's instinct is to protect his friend Scarlett. She might not be too happy with his old pal Gunnar, however, when she finds out he slept with her best friend.

Some of the stars of Nashville are attracted to trouble, even if they don't try. Deacon wants to be out of the music scene because he doesn't want to be a part of that world and everything that comes with it. Deacon will still be Deacon whether he's selling guitars or playing them. His talk with Rayna was absolutely my favorite part of the episode.

Rayna: You don’t need to be anybody’s guitar player. You might need to take a minute, figure out who you are without a guitar in your hand, but don’t you ever say you’re done with music.

Deacon: You either, okay? | permalink

Per the whole problem surrounding Rayna's voice, it seems her voice coach was right about anxiety prohibiting her from feeling completely normal again. When Luke Wheeler forced Rayna to stay on stage she didn't have much of a choice. The crowd and Luke backed her up when her voice cracked and the tears could be chalked up to being emotional about coming back after the accident. Now if only Jeff would get off of her case, especially because she doesn't exactly have Wyatt family backing anymore to pull out of Edgehill.

Lastly of our showcased artists, but certainly never the least, was Miss Juliette. Please please please tell me that the Rayna/Juliette peace won't be disrupted after she overheard Luke Wheeler's comment to Rayna. People are going to think she's a pop princess until that image changes with time and new material, and even then it still might not change. The girl still does extremely well for herself. Personally I've just really been enjoying the shift in the Rayna and Juliette dynamic.

So what did y'all think of the latest Nashville? Will Tandy's guilt take her down before Lamar can? Will Avery end up back on tour with Juliette? Will Teddy take the heat for Lamar's arrest?

Don't Open That Door Review

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