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Rayan receives a gift sent for Maddie from Jeff welcoming her to Edgehill. At Jeff's office, Rayna is shocked to see that Teddy signed the parental consent forms without her knowledge. After consulting lawyers, Rayna threatens to strip Teddy of his parental rights over Maddie considering Deacon is the real father. Teddy fills Rayna in on Jeff blackmailing him. At a meeting with Mr. Benton and the board, Jeff is horrified when Rayna, and not Maddie, shows up. Rayna fills Mr. Benton in on everything Jeff has been up to (Layla's overdose, blackmailing Teddy, the prostitutes). Mr. Benton voids the contract. Later, Rayna tells Teddy the girls need to be with her full time until he learns to get himself together. 

Earlier in the episode, Jeff went to see Layla who'd been released from the hospital. He told her to perform for Mr. Benton. After waiting for an hour, Jeff's assistant tells her the meeting had been canceled. Jeff shows up at Layla's doorstep. She gets mad for the canceled meeting until Jeff blurts out that he's been fired. She lets him inside.

Deacon conducts his own research online to see how much time he has left. His negative attitude clashes with Scarlett's overly optimistic one. Deacon writes a will which makes Scarlett upset. After finally agreeing to see Maddie for guitar lessons, Deacon gets emotional hearing her sing. He decides to fight to live. Scarlett is thrilled but apologizes for her pushiness, which the Doctor told her she had been. Scarlett goes back to the hospital to flirt with the Doctor.

Gunnar is feeling hurt over Kiley's betrayal all those years ago. He, Luke, and Will have a boys night out. The next morning, Luke explains that he's been lashing out but it's only because he's hurt by Rayna leaving him. He and Gunnar write a song.

Avery finally gets to the recording studio to work with Sadie after dealing with Juliette's neediness. Avery sees that Sadie is very upset. He learns about everything going on with her ex, Pete. Avery has a confrontation with Pete. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Rayna: Are you thinking this is just going to make you the cool Dad or do you really think this is a good idea?
Teddy: Yes I do, and I have every right to make decisions regarding my daughter's life?
Rayna: Not if I can help it you don't.

Scarlett: Say hi to Maddie for me.
Deacon: Why's she 'Facetiming' me now?
Scarlett: 'Cause you're her dad, and she wants time with your face.