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Out on tour, Rayna gets a call from Daphne telling her she misses her. Luke brings the girls and his son on a private plane so they can meet up with Rayna. Rayna and Luke try to make an effort with the kids, but none of them are having a good time. Daphne yells at Rayna for not spending enough time with her. Later, Rayna has a heart to heart with Daphne telling her that it's an adjustment, but she's trying to see them as much as she can. After Maddie sees herself in a magazine where they criticize her looks, Rayna tells her to ignore the magazines and trust that she's beautiful. The next day, Rayna gets mad at Teddy when she finds out he took Daphne to get her ears pierced and Maddie to get highlights. Teddy says she can't be mad at him and that she's going to miss out on some things. 

After getting a lecture from Emily, she texts Avery that she's pregnant. He gets the text as he's about to start community service. While at her movie shoot, Avery keeps trying to call and text her to find out if she's really pregnant. After getting out, Avery goes to the movie set and makes a scene outside Juliette's trailer about her being pregnant while her costar Noah looks on. Glenn comes out to calm him down and confirms the pregnancy. Before they are about to shoot the love scene, Noah tells Juliette her secret is safe with him about her pregnancy. At her concert Noah shows up and says he likes being around Juliette even though she's in a complicated situation. Avery shows up at Gunner's place to tell him about Juliette's pregnancy, and that he isn't sure he should be apart of Juliette's and the baby's life. While performing on stage, Juliette can't breathe. Zoey takes over the song, and Juliette faints backstage. 

Deacon is still cozy with Pam. Deacon sees a tweet from Rayna showing a picture of herself, Luke, and the kids. He gets angry and needs along time away from Pam. Jeff hands an NDA over to Will to give to his "trainer" to sign. Will gives the NDA to Tony, but he is offended and thought their relationship was more than that. Will says there is no relationship. As Tony storms out, Deacon sees in the hallway. Will goes to meet up with a guy, but ends up getting beaten up by him and another guy. Deacon sees Will come back to the hotel looking in bad shape. He checks on him and tells him he needs to be more careful.

Gunner meets with his old girlfriend, Kiley, who plans on leaving town. However, he is shocked to find out she has a kid. After finding out the kid is 9, she reassures Gunner that he's not his son. After his conversation with Avery, Gunner goes back to ask her again if he's his son. She says yes.

Scarlett tries to write songs, but a homeless man keeps yelling outside her window. She goes down to give the man food, and he tells her he's heard her singing, and sings himself.

Jeff invites Teddy out to continue to try to butter him up. Teddy meets a woman and they kiss. Jeff tells Layla that she can't flirt with her producer in front of the cameras. She wants to sing about something she actually believes in, and it's not love.  

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

He called me nothing, Emily. Nothing. Which is why this nothing is raising this baby alone.


I guess it's easier to deny needing the occasional hookup, then actually being in love with a man. Isn't it?


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Hayden panettiere tell that devil Tell That Devil Hayden Panettiere iTunes
Street joy laurel hill Laurel Hill Street Joy iTunes
John butler trio livin in the city Livin' In The City John Butler Trio iTunes