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Cash puts together a showcase to auction Maddie off to the highest bidder, causing a stir with Rayna.

Maddie, now going by Maddie Jaymes, is still obviously struggling with her emancipation and Cash's manipulation. When Juliette offers Glenn to Maddie for advice, Glenn suggests Maddie stay in Nashville, but Cash is adamant that Maddie leave. And her suggestion is that Maddie sign with the one record label that Rayna doesn't want; a label in New York, giving Maddie the possibility of a clean break.

Maddie signs with Lennox Hill, the label in New York that Rayna tried to protect her from, and she's leaving Nashville.

Meanwhile, Deacon is dealing with the aftermath of Frankie's accusations and the revelation that he's losing The Beverly. Rayna and he are separated for the time being, and Deacon is struggling again with his sobriety.

Juliette continues her Oscar appearances, reconnecting with her co-star, Noah West, and the two get close and steamy after a night of dancing.

When the magazines find out about Layla and Avery, thanks to Layla anonymously tipping them off, news of Juliette and Noah shortly follows, leaving the pair confused about the feelings they share for each other and their new flames.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Who knew an Oscar nomination would be such a pain in the ass?


I don't even know what life looks like without Maddie in it.