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Luke goes on The View to advocate for Will and his music, again, continuing his "crusade" for LGBT rights and to stop discrimination, which causes The View's ladies to question Will. He hasn't stood up for himself or spoken out about being gay, only Luke is fighting this fight and that's got to stop.

Luke's actions cause his son, Colt, to be jumped while in basic training, leaving him severely injured in the hospital, planting just enough doubt in Luke's mind to ruin everything he's stood up for, while he makes a discovery about why he's so adamant about this cause.

Rayna and Deacon spend a day in therapy, discussing their problems, where they learn they have more wrong with this relationship than good. Now they question their feelings and what is next for the two of them together, contemplating divorce already after losing Maddie.

Juliette and Noah continue their relationship when he sticks around Nashville to meet Cadence.

Scarlett makes a self-discovery when she's doing a photo shoot and the photographer wants her to tap into her inner feelings and discover what is actually going on in her head, showing real and raw emotion to a song, which is what she's aiming for.

Elton John makes a cameo.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Juliette: My life is so complicated right now.
Noah: That's never bothered me.

Elton John? I love Elton John.