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Maddie's emancipation hearing comes and Rayna and Deacon are thrown for a loop in court when questioning shifts from Rayna's parenting history to Deacon's alcoholic, rage-induced past. 

Cash's father, Deacon's now ex-friend Frankie, gave Maddie's lawyer all the information she needed to win her case: a list of every arrest, beating, car accident, everything that Deacon did when he was under the influence. Most of which happened 15 years in the past, but still, it gave the judge reasonable doubt to believe Maddie is safe in that household.

Juliette is nominated for a Oscar, but the joy is short-lived when she realizes that Avery and Layla hooked up. Especially when she learns they hooked up right after she confessed her love for him and asked him to give them another chance. 

She's starts to revert back to her old ways and seek out a way to get rid of Layla once and for all.

Will's song starts to be played on the radio. Everywhere but Nashville. After a news anchor provokes Luke and his decision to stand with Will after she throws her homophobic remarks out on the air. Things get worse when the anchor cuts Luke's interview short and twists his words to further her own agenda to get Will taken off of country radio all around the country.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Cash: Ask yourself this: how badly do you want your freedom?

Maddie, I'm your mother. I love you. Please don't push me away.