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When Deacon loses his temper after a paparazzi swarm, his and Rayna's wedding begins to fall apart. 

Daphne begins to feel excluded from "the family," as Deacon, Rayna and Maddie all seem to be growing closer and closer, while Daphne is missing that connection. 

Maddie begins to doubt her father after his outburst, questioning his anger and what he will do in the future when he loses his temper.

But most of all, Deacon begins to doubt himself and whether his addition to the Claybourne/James/Conrad family would be beneficial. He begins to doubt whether, after 20 years, he'd be a good husband and father and if he's really rid himself of the demons that have always plagued him.

None of this is helped by Tandy's return to Nashville. She stands firm in his disapproval of Rayna and Deacon's marriage, partially influencing the girls in their doubts and giving some of her own.

Avery continues to struggle with Juliette being in rehab and the lying she's been asking him to do to protect her image with the hope for an Oscar nomination is still available. While he's granted her permission to see their daughter, Cadence, Avery still refuses to see Juliette, taking messages through Emily instead. Will he be able to keep up the charade?

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Bucky: And Rayna James, you're about to marry Deacon Claybourne.
Rayna: About damn time.

I wanna get married in front of the people that we love. Not in front of the whole damn world.