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Maddie starts working with a producer on her new album that tried to take advantage of Rayna when she was that age. After discovering this by stalking her Instagram, Deacon and Rayna work to get a message to Maddie to warn them about this creep and try to protect her one last time, but getting in touch with her proves to be much harder.

Rayna also puts together a fundraiser in New York City and performs with Daphne one last time, selling out a stadium with 18,000 seats, proving she still is the Queen of Country.

Layla leaks the truth about Jeff's death to the press in order to manipulate Avery into staying with her, again, throwing Juliette's life into chaos. Jeff's siter threatens to sue Juliette for wrongful death, but without proof, there's not much that can be done. Until Layla provides the one eyewitness that saw everything: Colt Wheeler.

Will wants to be on Cynthia Davis' show and finally stand up for himself and being an openly gay artist, but she won't allow him onto her show. So instead, Luke, Will, and Kevin, put together a protest to stand outside of her show and demand Will gets to speak for himself, while he reconnects with Kevin.

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