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At Beverly's funeral, Deacon is still angry at Scarlett for taking his sister off of life support. Zoey returns to support her friend, but she agrees talk with Gunnar if she has time.

Jeff tells Juliette that a reporter will be shadowing her for 48 hours. Juliette tries to impress her reporter shadow, but she ends up taking Adderall to keep her energy up.

Avery and Emily take care of Cadence, but the paparazzi snaps pictures of them looking too close. 

In Nashville, Jeff and Layla reunite, but he tells her he can't be on her arm when she sings at the Opry. 

Caleb starts feeling shut out when he realizes that Gunnar is better for Scarlett's grieving process than he is. He attempts to write a song to "speak Scarlett's language" and he asks Gunnar for help. 

Avery begs Bucky to let him pitch to Markus Keen, and Bucky agrees to let Rayna introduce them. 

An interviewer shows Juliette the pictures of Avery an Emily, and she manages to cover. Later, she calls Emily, furious over the supposed affair. 

Deacon pushes Maddie away when she tries to be there for him. She asks Colt for advice, but when she shows up at Deacon's house, she catches him destroying the place.

At the Opry, Avery gets to meet Markus, but he gets called away when Cadence gets rushed to the ER. Markus ends up singing a duet on stage with Rayna, which makes Layla feel like second best again.

Avery gets a hold of Juliette, but in her drugged out haze, she tells him she doesn't care that Cadence is sick. He decides that Juliette is lost to them once and for all. 

Jeff and Layla reveal their relationship to the world.

Zoey stops by Gunnar's house, and she tells him that the reason they failed was because he was never really over Scarlett. 


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Nashville Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

The Grand Old Opry. That's where they did Hee Haw right?


Rising tides raise all ships. Of course, as your manager, I'm going to make sure of that.