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On Live With Kelly and Michael, Juliette cries over how much she misses Avery and her daughter. Jeff visits Avery to tell him that Juliette is off the rails without him and urges him to visit her now that she's back in town.

Luke's new image consultant, Gabriella, tells him he can't keep Luke on his label now that he's out. 

After a Highway 65  deal goes south because of her inability to hold onto her big acts, Rayna decides she needs to get a new artist signed to her label.

At the hospital, Beverly has her breathing tube taken out, and she urges Deacon to spend more time at home.

Luke and Will discuss his image issues, and Luke invites Will to Juliette's launch party. 

When Avery confronts Juliette, she begs him to forgive her for putting her career over her family. They reconcile, but later, Juliette is put on edge by the idea of Avery and Cadence coming on tour with her.

Rayna goes to the girls' talent show, where she gets the idea to go after rocker Markus Keen as a client.

Gunnar and Scarlett go to a band meeting to see their promotional posters, which are too sexual for Gunnar's liking. Scarlett has no problem with them, but Caleb gets nervous when he hears how long they'll be on tour together. 

Daphne hears girls gossiping about her father, which makes her insecure. 

Layla plays at the Bluebird, but she's upset when Rayna and Bucky bail on her show to go sign Markus. Glenn hears Layla's performance and offers to manage her.

Rayna snags a seat next to Markus on a flight and manages to sign him to Highway 65, but it will cost her all the money she got from Juliette's buy out. 

Will attends Juliette's party, but when other country stars refuse to be photographed with him, he realizes the community is not as accepting of his sexuality as they want to appear. 

Juliette freaks out at having to raise her baby on the road, and she runs away again, leaving her family in the dust.

Gunnar tries to smooth things over with Caleb, but he's not happy when Caleb insinuates that he thinks their band will fail, making the whole thing a moot point anyway.

Luke decides to drop Luke from the label because of his bad press but offers him a songwriting position. 

Beverly suffers a stroke, as Scarlett watches on helplessly. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I believe in this company. I believe in you.


I love you both, just give me a chance to explain. Please.