On Nashville Season 3 Episode 18, Jeff's ex-fiance (guest star Christina Aguilera) comes to town on her tour, and he asks her for a favor for Layla. Meanwhile, Juliette finds motherhood a lot more difficult than she expected. Don't miss out on all the drama when you watch Nashville online!

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On Nashville Season 3 Episode 18, you'll see Jeff come face to face with his ex-fiance (guest star Christina Aguilera). He asks her to let Layla open up her show. She eventually agrees, and gets an introduction with Luke. Rayna discovers Maddie has been dating Colt, and comes around to the idea. Juliette tries to write a song for the Patsy Cline movie while also trying to take care of the baby without Avery there. She eventually gets on a plane for Los Angeles without Avery or the baby. Elsewhere, Natasha has been working with the feds in exchange for immunity, and Will finally asks out Kevin.

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On Nashville Season 3 Episode 18, Jeff goes to his ex-fiance (Christina Aguilera guest stars) to ask for a favor on behalf of Layla. Meanwhile, Juliette has a hard time adjusting to motherhood. Jeff comes face to face with his ex-fiance, Jade St. John (Christina Aguilera guest stars) comes to town on tour.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Let's see, what in the world am I gonna wear? I left all my sparkles at the dry cleaners.


Maddie: You're such a hypocrite.
Rayna: Excuse me? Alright, if you feel that way about it then we can have that conversation, but you need to be able do it in a respectful way.
Maddie: I don't respect you.
Rayna: Well then we have a problem.