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Mosley is sitting drinking in a bar. Mosley goes to the room of a man she meets there. He's actually a cartel hitman, and she beats him to death. Sam had his SEAL buddy Tom take his boat and Derrick to protect Derrick. Nell and Eric are having to make adjustments living together. Mosley is wanted for the death of the assassin. Ochoa thinks Mosley wants to make a deal with a branch of the cartel. To stall Rogers, they send Deeks in for his interview. In a meeting with cartel thugs, Mosley offers to turn over information on the OPS team to their boss Ella. Eric turns off the car which Mosley is in. She asks Sam and Callen to trust her. Then other cartel thugs show up and start shooting. Sam's car is set on fire so he takes it through a carwash. Mosley disappears. Deeks is claiming traumatic brain injury to Rogers. Nell finds out that Mosley is completely cashed out. Mosley is also offering to sell information about the team to the cartel which has a price on her head. Mosley is going to abduct Turk and take him to the meeting with the cartels. Sam and Callen arrive at Turk's trailer too late. Mosley demands that Ella shows up for the deal. Soon the two cartels are shooting at each other, and the team and Turk clean them up. Mosley tells Callen she's selling fake aliases, and that he has to let her go. Callen says she's going back for Derrick. Turk tells them it was his plan, to set the two cartels at war with each other. All the OPS members tell Rogers exactly the same version of events. Rogers says that the team and Hetty have been exonerated after Mosley claims she ordered them into Mexico.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

They're brine shrimp. They're born to be food.

Nell [to Eric, about his sea monkeys]

Well, if it isn't the Little Mermaid.

Callen [to Sam]