NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6 Review: Asesinos

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Well, that was easy.

Sadly, Mosley hasn't gone yet, but Rogers was after NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6.

So that's one win, anyway.

Off the Grid - NCIS: Los Angeles

If nothing else, this episode proved why Mosley shouldn't be part of a team.

It isn't just her bossy, abrasive personality.

It's also her total inability to communicate. She chose to cut herself off from the resources of NCIS, to go it alone against a Mexican cartel that put a bounty on the heads of her and her son.

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Not entirely alone, mind you, but I'll get back to Turk later.

The opening scene showed why it was a bad idea to piss off Mosley, as she ultimately the crap out of that assassin with just tchotchkes from a hotel room. In a bathrobe, no less.

Channel that rage and send her back out into the field.

Her staying out of touch gave her former (?) team deniability, but that also meant they got blindsided by the BOLO for her after the dead assassin was found.

On Her Own - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6

And, of course, they were going to help her, even if they had no idea what she was planning. That meant a lot of getting shot at when they misconstrued what she was doing. Also, they were stepping all over what she was trying to do, purely by accident.

It was a devious plan that Turk devised. Pit the two rival schisms of the cartel against each other, as Mosley offers as bait falsified information about the OSP team. Get them in the same isolated patch of forest, and, of course, they started shooting at each other. 

Wasn't it convenient that Ochoa showed up just in time to give them the history of that particular drug cartel? They all looked amazed that a suit had actionable intel for them.

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At least Ochoa steps back and lets them do their thing, as long as they color somewhat within the lines.

I was glad to see that Turk, and especially his dog, survived the fiasco that was NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 1.  So now he's in L.A. as well. That's great, as he's available to recur, although, like Mosley, I don't suspect he generally plays well with others.

I should have guessed that they were working together when Turk offered Mosley a beer when it appeared she was holding him at gunpoint.

The upshot of this storyline is that the tension between the cartel branches is bubbling over, thanks to Mosley and Turk. This should give her a chance to determine her next move from hiding, beyond picking up Derrick. Running with a young child can't be her end game. But this should keep her out from under foot for a time.

Back in Charge - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6

This was a particularly good episode for bantering between Sam and Callen (that's as opposed to bickering such as McGarrett and Danny do on Hawaii Five-0. Both bromances but different forms of communication).

First came the boatshed meeting, when Sam climbed up from the water. It made perfect sense that he had swum to work after having his buddy Tom take his boat and Derrick someplace safe that Sam wouldn't know about. 

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Callen seemed offended that Sam was dripping in his boatshed. At least Callen confirmed that he was moving into the apartment over Deeks' bar, after some renovations. What's he doing? Moving out all the furniture?

And who else shook their head when Sam drove his on-fire car into a convenient nearby car wash?

Then there was the bug-drone competition. After Sam and Callen had ruined all but one of the expensive, experimental drones, Eric took over to show them how to work a joystick.

Returning to Action - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6

I also want to know more about that Korean nail salon that Mosley went to for medical treatment, where all the technicians were armed. That was too good a setup for just one scene.

It appears that Eric and Nell living together is going to require an adjustment period, as she apparently mistook his "ant colony" and "sea monkeys" as pests. I'm sure it will get reinforced that she's the mature member of that pairing, just like with Kensi and Deeks.

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Speaking of the motor-mouthed surf god, Deeks put his peculiar talent to work, spitting out an endless stream of bullshit to the point that Rogers gave up. It's good to see him use his powers for good every now and then, or as Callen called it, "unleashing the beast."

Then, when the entire squad told exactly the same story, Rogers gave up and exonerated the entire team and Hetty, especially since Mosley claimed responsibility, and fled back to Washington. I had to laugh when Deeks chased him with a Wilsonesque "Bye, neighbor!"

Now that Rogers is gone and Mosley is in the wind, perhaps we can get back to cases of the week, except with a revolving door for authority figures.

To catch up on a busy new season, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

When did you figure out what Mosley was up to? Were you glad to see Turk, or at least his dog, again? Which couple did you enjoy most this episode (Deeks/Kensi, Nell/Eric, Sam/Callen)?

Comment below.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

They're brine shrimp. They're born to be food.

Nell [to Eric, about his sea monkeys]

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Callen [to Sam]