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A man steps out of a pool past the people he has just murdered. He stops as he's driving away, and another car hits his, exposing the bodies in the trunk. Admiral Kilbride has brought Assistant Director Ochoa and Special Prosecutor John Rogers, who are there to interrogate Mosley. LAPD wants Sam and Callen to come to an accident site. Mosley brings in her attorney. Sabatino is at the crash site. He tells them the team, Mosley and Derrick are all on a cartel hit list. Ochoa has Rogers and his people set up in the gym. Kilbride says to keep the gym and shooting range in operation anyway. Mosley is the last to know about the hit list. The team chases down Madee, the woman from whose laptop the hit-list emails were sent. Mosley's attorney wants her to throw Hetty under the bus. Ochoa won't let Mosley go to Derrick. Madee says she was hired to post the list. Kilbride unsuccessfully attempts to bond with Derrick. The man who hired Madee is Hector Leyva, known as "The Knife." Sam and Callen go to Hector's house. Hector's roommates come after them with automatic weapons, but they're soon dead. They find a room with knives hanging from the roof, then locate Hector in the tub. Rogers tries to interrogate Eric, but can't concentrate in the gym. Those they shot were assassins, and they expect more. Derrick and Mosley meet Otis, Sam's guard sea lion. Sam tells Mosley she has to fix everything. Mosley meets Rogers in his car, to find out what he wants. Mosley gets placed on administrative leave. Ochoa names Callen acting supervisor. He warns him to watch out for Rogers. Callen gets a phone call from Hetty, saying she's won't be around for a while. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

You did what you needed to do to protect [Derrick].

Sam [to Mosley]

Kensi: I want to know what you like.
Deeks: I like when you choose.