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The Mexican police pull Sam, Callen, Kensi and the unconscious Deeks from their Jeep, which had been hit by a rocket. Spencer Williams is seeking his son Derrick. Turk offers to trade Derrick in a duffle bag for the four of them. He takes them to the evac chopper, but the pilot has been shot. Then they come under fire. Turk's pickup gets blown up. Callen circles round and takes out the two shooters. Admiral Kilbride, summoned by Hetty, tells Mosley what happened to her team. Kensi drags Deeks' stretcher, seeking medical help. The injured Callen and Sam meet up with a local boy. Kensi finds shelter in a church. Callen and Sam, both in bad shape, also find shelter. Deeks wakes up with a concussion. The boy escapes when Sam goes out to find help for Callen. A man on a motorcycle, approaches the church, and he tells them there are bounties on their heads. He says he's called his wife to take Deeks to the hospital. The boy brings back men and a knife to allow Sam to release the air from Callen's punctured lung. Then Sam collapses. A man at the hospital calls to report they are there. The man plans to turn in Kensi and Deeks. Kensi struggles for his gun, shooting his wife and then knocking him out, taking their car. But Deeks has passed out again. Turk arrives at the hospital, as do Kensi and Deeks. Turk has called for help. Four carloads of cartel members pull up. Mosley shows up, picking off Spencer's men one by one. Spencer's men advance on the hospital. Sam shoots the assassin who came into their room. Mosley shoots Spencer and gets his driver to call off everyone. Then the NCIS team Hetty called shows up. The remains found in Mexico are Hidoko's. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

I don't care how you do it but get it done, or you're going to wish you were in that jeep with the rest of your team.

Kilbride [to Mosley]

I'm here because you're up to your ass in alligators.

Admiral Kilbride