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Robbers steal gold bars in England and ship them out inside a military coffin to California, where an associate picks them up. It's partial ransom for the daughter of Ricky Dorsey, one of the robbers. The team arrests the robbers before they can pay the ransom. The team joins with Ricky and Frankie to recover a stolen Mayhem weapons system and rescue Ricky's daughter Angela. Kensi and Deeks find their first suspect, Steve McMillan, shot dead. McMillan was a regular at a big-money poker game at Super Fat Willie's. Frankie and Ricky set up the team to go with them undercover at the game. Frankie said the whole poker parlor is crooked. Sam and Callen interrogate one dealer, while Kensi distracts another, followed by Deeks. While that's occuring, a brawl breaks out when Frankie gets caught cheating. Sam and Callen give Hetty's whiskey to the dealers, to get their DNA on the glasses. They separate them and tell them their DNA was under McMillan's fingernails. Albert Gossman admitted North Koreans took his brother, so he helped them get into McMillan's house. They recruit Granger's daughter Jennifer Kim to help them locate the spies. She identifies their leader, Seok Nahng, and tells Sam and Callen privately that Nahng is a torturer. Fatima finds two aliases for Nahng. The spies escaped the warehouse before the team got there. Ricky tipped them off before they arrived to protect Angela. Ricky offered to trade Jennifer for Angela. Jennifer said the North Koreans want to kill her. But she agrees to go to the exchange at a small airport.  During the firefight during the exchange, Ricky and Jennifer get shot in their Kevlar vests. The weapon systems gets recovered. Callen is going to try to get Jennifer into Witness Protection.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Frankie: Sounds nasty.
Ricky: Very Star Warsy.

Callen has lost his Hellcat privilege.

Sam [to Kensi]