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CIA Officer Veronica Stephens is attacked in a parking lot by a man with a needle but she escapes. Stephens explains to Sam and Callen that Hetty asked the CIA to smuggle an agricultural engineer, Joseph Olonga, out of Nigeria. But he has disappeared. They agree to help her as long as she stays out of sight at the Boatshed. Without telling anybody, Hetty is taking Ahkos' ashes home to Greece. Veronica left the Boatshed right after Sam and Callen did. Kensi and Deeks check out Veronica's story of being attacked but find little evidence. Sam and Callen locate surveillance of three unknown men at Olonga's hotel, one of whom would be Veronica's attacker. Nell and Eric search Hetty's office for clues. Veronica turns up at Olonga's hotel but she beats up the security guard and tries to leave. Callen stands in front of her car until Sam arrives with his gun. Callen handcuffs Veronica to a table. A suspect, Dana Far gets run over trying to escape from the team. They find Peter Sanders, a CIA officer, dismembered in his van. Eric cracks Farnham's phone. Veronica takes Sam and Callen to a special CIA warehouse at the airport but Olonga's prototypes of automated farming equipment that had been stored there had disappeared. Nell locates the phone of Nick Gardia, the final unknown man from the hotel, at a warehouse, and Sam, Callen, and Veronica head there. The team decides to smoke out those inside by dropping a smoke grenade into the ventilation system. Sam takes out a guard with a chokehold. Then Sam finds and rescues Olonga. The team takes out the rest of the guards. Callen brings Veronica to Deeks and Kensi's bar and she thanks them for their help. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

Sam: Either way it was shoddy tradecraft.
Veronica: Here I thought we were friends.

Nell: You know how Hetty doesn't give you all the pertinent information.
Callen: All too well.