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Sam and Kensi pursue a suspect, Danny Palmer, into a yoga studio before Sam shoots him dead. Kensi grabs his cell phone.They recovered a list of undercover FBI agents. Callen is searching for Anna. Deeks' mother Roberta is going through an experimental phase. Sam runs into Katherine while "following up on a hunch." The coroner tells Sam and Kensi that Palmer  was on black-market opioids. He says he's seen quite a few such deaths recently. Sam and Kensi go to the site where a John Doe overdosed. They find surveillance of the body being dumped. Callen and Deeks interrogate Victor Walker, who gives them the name of Richard Weaver. Eric is overreacting because he's afraid of the unknown. Nell tries to talk him down. Tracking the John Doe, Eric finds a connection to venture capitalist Dev Jabbar. Deeks quizzes Callen about Anna, then they pick up Weaver and interrogate him about the source of his opioids. Dev is uncooperative when questioned by Sam and Kensi. They get low-level thug Kadek Waiguna to help them sign into his laptop. He's working for terrorist Oscar Suheen. Jabbar is Suheen's target, hoping to cripple the Pakistan economy. He's being targeted at a fashion show he is staging. So the team goes undercover at the fashion show, Kensi as a model, Deeks as a DJ, and Callen and Sam as spectators. Katherine is sitting with Sam, who identifiesg people as they try to find potential shooters. They locate and take down Suheen and his assassins. Katherine gives Sam her personal cell number and tells him to call. Roberta tells Deeks she's feeling her age so she's trying to squeeze in as much as she can. Callen continues his search for Anna and finds her in some grainy surveillance footage.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Deeks: Marty, I'm daring greatly.
Roberta: I'm following minimally.

Hate to see me go, love to see me walk away.