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Sam and Callen go through NCIS agent candidates, in case Callen takes Hetty's job. Anna shows up at Deeks' bar, to warn him he might be in danger. Anna and Joelle had been tracking Russian operatives for the CIA. She tells him that Darius "Reznikov" Comescu is alive and in Los Angeles. Hetty shows up to talk with Callen and Anna. Since she's not supposed to be in the country, Anna has to lay low. Darius kills the Navarro brothers but Callen spots him. The team surrounds and captures him. Sam found a thumb drive full of missing women's photos at the Navarro house. Darius is hunting human traffickers who abducted Nina, the woman he loves. He's been interrogating people connected to the traffickers. There is an auction being held for those women that day. He wants to work with NCIS to stop them. Darius insists on going with Callen before giving him access to a private viewing party. He gives it to Hetty, who tells Callen to take Darius and Sam. A jammer knocks out the comms for the agents at the party. Some of the women, including Nina, are being offered at a live auction at the party. Eric uses help to locate the warehouse where the women are being. Darius starts bidding ridiculous amounts for Nina as a distraction, then steals a gun and starts shooting. Callen gets stabbed with a needle by the auctioneer and passes out. He hallucinates Darius shooting his mother then wakes up. Kensi finds the rest of the women and releases them. Callen saves Darius from a thug sneaking up on him. Darius is defecting, offering information to the CIA in exchange for him and Nina being resettled. Anna has moved in with Callen in his apartment above the bar. 


NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Callen: Field time would be limited.
Kensi: Are you ready for that?
Callen: That's a question for another day.

Callen: I'm not going to saddle our team with someone who's trying to find themselves.
Sam: You didn't have a name until two years ago.