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When Jimmy Fang and the Chinese gangsters escape from Kensi and Sabatino, Roundtree rescues a homeless man about to be run down by their van while Fatima shoots at it. But they escape. Kilbride dropped by to visit. Hetty asked him to check in on the team. Callen is off on personal business. Kensi calls Deeks, who is wrapping busted ribs at FLETC training. Also escaping from the firefight warehouse was Musa Okoye, a Nigerian engineer working on a classified missile system. Roundtree finds the nightime soap on which Fatima had previously acted. Sam and Kilbride interview Musa's boss, Ron Lewis, who can't believe he's selling secrets. Deeks gets kicked out of FLETC. Sabatino tells Kensi he used to be a heavy-metal musician and she scoffs. Fatima and Roundtree discover Okoye is missing. Musa's friend Angela Brown says he would never steal secrets. Seeking to question Simi Latu, Sabatino and Kensi find themselves surrounded by a group of huge Samoans. Kensi explains to Simi that Jimmy Fang was paying his men with counterfeit money. Fatima and Roundtree find Musa dead. Simi's tip leads to Fang, in possession of a ton of fake bills. One of Musa's friends is a brother of an African terrorist. Kilbride has Eric locate Lewis, who is meeting Fang at a parking garage to sell tech to him. Sabatino and Kensi arrest them after a firefight. Sabatino strikes out on finding the source of the counterfeit cash. Callen flashes back to when he chose NCIS over love. Hetty has Deeks go to her office. Hetty makes an appearance on Zoom. Deeks' NCIS credentials are in her top drawer and Kensi knew already. Callen, hoping to surprise Anna, finds out she hasn't been helping anyone rebuild anything. Kam gets abducted after calling Sam.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 9 Quotes

Sam: [Sabatino] is just observing.
Kilbride: Right.

Well, that didn't go as well.
Kensi, No, it didn't.