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Sam's daughter Kam is imprisoned by masked men, along with other protesters. Sam can't find Kam. Kensi is upset about her fertility test results. Eric is back in Ops. Roundtree meets DHS Agent Megan Merkel. NCIS is pulled into monitoring that night's protests. Sam enlists Eric's help to locate Kam by hacking her phone. Eric discovers her phone is offline. Eric tells Sam that Kam is in Los Angeles. Deeks tries to calm down Kensi but she isn't ready to talk. Eric finds Kam's secret Instagram account. Sam discovers she has a boyfriend, Logan Reynolds. Kam talks to a fellow prisoner, Isiah Estevez, before their captors blast metal music. Sam arrests Logan, who doesn't know where Kam is. Roundtree talks Sam down. Then he attempts to get information out of Logan. They are both in L.A. for the protests. He says Kam was one of the main organizers for the protests. Kensi and Deeks talk to a protester, Blaine, who singled out a more radical protester named Z who had a beef with Kam. Kam pounds a hole in her cell wall and slips out. Z also took a gun. Callen returns to help Sam. Kam gets caught and they turn a fire hose on her. Fatima finds security footage of Kam's abduction. Sam catches up with Z and launches him through a window. Eric discovers two other organizers are missing. Sam finds a tattoo on one of Kam's abductors, one worn by deputies dismissed for brutality, known as Sandmen. Kensi tells Deeks she still wants to start a family with him. Kensi locates a likely location for the captives. Kam fakes being unconscious and gets by one of them, just before Sam shows up and nearly strangles the other. She invites him to march in the protests.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 10 Quotes

Roundtree: Are you sure you want to do this?
Sam: I need to do this.

Eric: Don't make me pull rank.
Fatima: You don't have rank.