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A weaponized UTV is used in a casino robbery. Kensi and Deeks are approved to foster Rosa and she can move in that night. Raymond thinks a woman on the street is his late wife. Fatima denigrates Rountree's dating profile. Arkady interrupts a tender moment between Callen and Anna. The team gets called in on the casino robbery. Sam and Callen interview Amanda Chen, the lone witness to the robbery. Kilbride orders Kensi and Deeks to collect former arms dealer Nina Barnes. Chen described the drone vehicle that pulled off the heist. Rountree suggests it's being transported in a tractor-trailer Knight Rider-style. Kensi and Deeks interrupt Nina's cake-decorating class. She agrees to track down the weaponized UTV for Kilbride. Sam and Callen pressure Korean arms transporter Sang. Sang agrees to help them find the transporter of the UTV. Sang gets them the transponder for the truck driven by Lou Feria. Nina discovers the names of the engineers who created a pair of weaponized UTVs. Fatima finds the warehouse rented by them. Kensi and Deeks find one of the men murdered there. The transponder shows the truck is on the move. Sam and Callen shoot the driver and find the other engineer and one UTV drone in the back. Kensi and Deeks let Nina go after reclaiming the gear that they loaned to her. Sam brings along Raymond to attend a team celebration. Raymond attempts to tell Sam he's proud of him. Kensi and Deeks pick up Rosa. Kilbride calls to order Kensi and Deeks to meet him at a beach. They give Rosa her own cell phone. There's a surprise celebration planned for them. Rosa and Raymond get to meet everyone. Raymond, Kilbride, and Arkady converse. Callen proposes to Anna and she accepts. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 22 Quotes

I want to be normal with you.

Anna [to Callen]

Raymond: For a minute there, you sounded like your mother.
Sam: I miss her every day.