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John Jenkins, a Navy contractor walking his dog, gets shot from behind by a hooded man, right after he gets a cryptic text. A distracted Kilbride isn't listening to Shyla's rundown of his agenda. He's taking a trip to meet with his estranged son, Alexander. Shyla tells Sam and Callen that in addition to Jenkins, FBI Agent Patrick Hertel also was shot and killed. The top-secret communication Shyla received came from Hetty's last known location. Kilbride grudgingly allows Callen to quietly look into the two murders. Rountree's girlfriend Summer is working the Hertel case. But he and Fatima are elusive and she won't let them into the crime scene. Both victims were orphans and were killed in exactly the same way. Jenkins' dog finds both halves of his phone. Like Callen, Jenkins and Hertel also were subjects of the Drona Project. The third subject, No. 11, is Leah Novak. Callen reaches Leah just before she's attacked. A shot Leah mumbles "14" to Callen before she passes out. Leah was ready to run. Jenkins' phone had a number for Anthony Beltran. Sam and Callen retrieve Beltran. Beltran says that a handful of Drona survivors were building a case against Pembrook. Fatima discovers the Drona subjects are still working for Pembrook. Then they come under attack at Pembrook's headquarters. Callen figures out that Beltran wasn't a target. But Beltran's associate gets the drop on Callen. Beltran insists he still wants to kill Pembrook. Sam and Rountree throw smoke grenades and kill Pembrook's men, just before the FBI arrives. Callen is injected with a sedative and Beltran escapes. Shyla ignored Kilbride's earlier order to cancel his flight. She badgers him into taking the trip. Callen is conflicted about Beltran's mission to kill Pembrook. He's frustrated that the Drona Project remains part of his life. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 16 Quotes

Kilbride: If I am stuck waiting with a posse of frat boys, you will never hear the end of it.
Shyla: And I wouldn't want to hear the end of it. That sounds like a great story.

Rountree: You were enjoying that.
Fatima: Hey, this breakfast was your idea.
Rountree: Yeah. Remind me not to have any more of those.