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A man breaks into Hetty's house when he comes face-to-face with Hetty's guard. The guard finds the tools necessary to knock out and abduct Hetty. The guard gets caught and shot by a second intruder. The men get away. Hetty's guard dies during surgery.

Nell looks at the memory card Hetty left her and it lists Hetty's other homes, which were all compromised. Meanwhile, Hetty is questioned about the money she used during the unauthorized Afghanistan mission. Some of the funds were her own, but the rest was from her operational budget.

The Justice department is still in Los Angeles investigating the NCIS office. The agents are in the field and not available, so Granger offers himself up for questioning. Investigator Wallace questions revolved around Hetty's mentoring of several female agents and whether Hetty used indoctrination.

Deeks and Kensi go to check out Hetty's boat and he asks her to live together to save money. She doesn't want to put up with his stuff. They wonder how Hetty's information got out and suggest that there's a leak in the government.

Sam and Callen go to Hetty's beach house and find people after her there. One of the men gets away and Sam shoots the other one. Callen gets the dead guys' phone and send the information to Eric to review.

While testifying, Hetty has an attack and falls to the ground unconscious. She's taken to the hospital. The team wonders if someone got to her there even if her presence was a secret. Callen wants to go to DC to see if someone got to her. The rest of the team wants to continue investigating in LA.

Wallace takes Eric's communication equipment to talk to the team. He's interrogated and told to tell them everything. So Eric does that. He starts telling a story about losing a video game competition.

Hetty faked the attack so she could get away. She's let out of the ambulance in an alley by an ally.

Sam and Callen check out an address they got from the dead guy's phone. When they get there the guy who drove away shows up. As Sam attempts to join Callen, Wallace shows up and interrupts. Sam takes off with her in the car to pursue the car. Callen stays and looks for Lennox. Sam answers her questions during the high speed chase. He ends up losing the car.

Wallace shows up at the boat shed after Nell informed the team that Hetty never showed up at the hospital. When Callen refuses to cooperate, Wallace has him handcuffed. Sam forces his way out the room. Callen busts out of the handcuffs and swims to shore. Wallace finds the room empty.

Hetty gets picked up in the alley by several men. They assure her they don't want her dead. 

Deeks talks to the two Justice Department guards and irritates them. Meanwhile, Wallace questions Kensi about Jack Simon. She says that there wasn't a "White Ghost" and she was chasing misinformation. Wallace wants to know she went into hostile territory on her own and is upset about the million dollars given to terrorists for her release.

Sam and Callen bring Nell dressed as Hetty to one of the Hetty's houses in hopes of drawing out the pursuers. 

Kensi's upset after her interrogation. She cries in Deeks' arms as he tries to comfort her. 

Hetty is taken to a museum and Director Vance shows up. He tells her that there's a leak and it was kept secret to protect the investigation. Vance set Thomas on Hetty in order to get her out of Los Angeles.  She's concerned that his protection of her has put her team in danger. He wants her to stay in DC under his protection.

Meanwhile, those after Hetty show up at her house. Nell kills one of the intruders. Hetty calls Nell and tells her about a secret passageway out of the house. They capture the intruders and Eric searches for links.

The men are tied to Mattias Draeger. Sam and Callen are furious he came after Hetty again. They will fulfill their promise. Callen says, "We hunt him down and we kill him."

NCIS: Los Angeles
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