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Hetty is questioned in Washington DC by Special Congressional Investigator Michael Thomas, but refuses to answer questions by claiming it will put people's lives in danger. Hetty is grilled on why Agent Blye was the best choice for the Afghanistan mission over a SEAL. She says that a woman was better suited for getting the information they needed.

Back in LA, Deeks and Kensi spar and she puts him in a headlock before being called for a briefing. A brilliant contractor with access to Navy intelligence was killed and his computers were stolen. The tip about his death came in via a pay phone.

Sam and Callen are working undercover as a prisoner working clean up duty and a guard. When Sam gets called back in, Callen picks a fight with Guard Sam so he can be arrested. They aren't happy that their cover may have been blown due to Granger's hunch.

Nell uncovers camera footage that shows the guy in the truck, Fisher, entered the dead guy's house after he was killed. He likely has the computers which hold the surveillance camera footage that would show the killer.

The Department of Justice shows up at NCIS with an Executive Order for a forensic audit of the office and employees. Granger puts the DOJ team in the gym and orders the team to be scarce. They head to the boat shed to work. Granger wants to know everything the investigators request and wants to make their job as difficult as possible.

Hetty's questioned by Mr. Thomas about a German national that she supposedly housed secretly. She admits to keeping Cole in her custody for protection until he was killed by the Germans. During a recess, Hetty is slipped a phone and calls Granger. She's underestimated Thomas. She tells Granger to remind Nell that they have an old building.

The team visits Fisher. He tries to escape but they grab him when his van hits a water hydrant.

The investigator wants to interview Callen and Sam, but Nell informs her they are working a case. When Nell tells her Blye is also out, the investigator threatens to issue warrants. Granger tells Nell to leave as well with Eric. Nell gets the message from Hetty and she cuts the power. Eric blames it on the old building and rolling blackouts in LA.

Nell finds footage of the killer on the computers that Fisher stole. The killer is dressed in black from head to toe which hides his identity. The motive may be that Bell figured out the secret identity of Papa Legba. In order to catch Papa Legba, they are going to pretend that Bell is still alive and continue the blackmail attempt.

Eric pretends to be Bell. The assassin returns to complete the job, but Sam and Callen get him in the doggie door.

The assassin is Daniel Howard, former ROTC and National Guard. He plays dumb about the murder until they show him evidence. Howard claims he doesn't know the identity of Papa Legba. 

Eric uncovers Papa Legba's identity. The team busts in and arrests him.

When going through the criminal site, Nell and Eric find out that someone paid $250,000 to find out where Hetty lives. In DC, Hetty continues to have security following her and a man with her file and a silenced gun.



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