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A man from out of town gets shot in a bar. It's owned by VIctor Larmont, who tells Sam and Callen that his ex-wife Rebecca is selling Navy secrets to a foreign government. Rebecca says Victor is just looking for better spousal payments. Victor breaks into Rebecca's workplace to serve her with papers. Rebecca's new Porsche was paid for by a Cuban exile, Alonzo Cruz. Kensi and Deeks go undercover at Victor's club as a dancer and a janitor, respectively. Kensi finds a short-wave radio in a locked office. Callen and Sam confront Alonzo, who was seen with Perez outside the club. Deeks finds a pad of paper with a code on it for the radio broadcasts. Deeks saves Victor from a bomb in his trash can. Eric and Nell cracked Victor's hard drive, which had nothing on it.  Victor tells Deeks that Perez is a loan shark and took the club from him. Victor tries to teach Deeks to salsa. Perez hits on Kensi. Rebecca is smuggling out schematics buried under her bird drawings. Sam and Callen watch as Alonzo brings Rebecca's portfolio to a meeting with foreign buyers. Perez knows Kensi broke into the storage room. Sam and Callen stop Alonzo and the buyers and find Rebecca tied up in Alonzo's trunk. Kensi takes out Perez in the middle of their dance when he tries to kill her. Deeks surprises Kensi with a salsa. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

Deeks: You need a better lawyer.
Victor: I'm my own lawyer.
Deeks: Like I said, you need a better lawyer.

Kensi: He's insane [referring to Deeks].
Callen: In more ways than one.