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Two teens doing a rooftop photo shoot witness a shooting on a nearby rooftop. That man shot on the roof was Navy Machinist Mate Brandon Noah. Anna Kolcheck meets with Hetty, and Hetty asks if Anna would be interested in filling in at NCIS. Hetty explains her arrangement with the Secretary of Defense to Sam, and recruits him for the mole hunt, sending him off to talk with the supposed mole, Carl Brown. Nell tells Anna and Callen that they're partnering up Hanna visits Brown to plant the seeds of doubt. Callen and Anna find out that Brandon was making money somewhere besides  his Navy job. Dr. Adams tells Deeks that Kensi is improving slowly. Another prisoner, Vincent Garvey, tells Hanna that Brown is marked for death. Callen and Anna find out that Brandon's part-time job was at a garage that was secretly manufacturing illegal weapons, and he found out and was killed for it. Anna gets caught snooping around the back of that shop, but Callen and the arriving Granger and Nell team up to take down the thugs, while Anna captures the boss lady, Beth Kelley. Hanna tells Brown that the woman he loves was playing him, and that there's $50,000 on his head, and gets the name of the woman. At episode's end, Kensi open her eyes during a Deeks' monolog. She only has movement on one side when she awakes.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

That's sexist and wrong on so many levels.

Deeks [to his mother]

Deeks: Nell, what's your stance on 'Magnum, P.I.'?
Nell: Me, I'm more of an 'A-Team' girl.
Deeks: That's unfortunate.