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Two of Yaniv Kornberg's thugs are about to set a car on fire and attacked by four men on motorcycles, and three end up dead. Det. Whiting wants to meet up with Deeks. All the gangs in town are trying to find the gold bars. Callen and Sam figure out that Chegwidden, Bridges and Langston put out the word about the gold, to keep Yaniv from smuggling it out of town. A gang of Chinese assassins have taken Asher, Yaniv's other thug. Each of the squad teams up with one of the older agents. Whiting apologizes to Deeks. Chegwidden steals Kensi's car, but she catches up with an Uber. Chegwidden cuts open the safe at Yaniv's pawn shop. Bridges blows the stakeout by rushing one of the Chinese assassins, then Langston runs down the assassin with his car. Eric and Nell find where Asher is being held from the thug's phone. Whiting tells Deeks that she suspects corruption at his old precinct and that his old captain might be involved. Chegwidden and Kensi find the name of a hedge-fund manager in Yaniv's safe. Another gang beats the team to Asher's location and the team finds Asher dead, as well as dead Chinese. Mallory Fletcher, the hedge-fund manager, bought gold from Yaniv at half price. She told them Yaniv was chartering a yacht and returned the bar she bought. Whiting said she would stop investigating Deeks if he helped her with the corruption investigation. Callen figures out that  Yaniv will bring transportation to the gold instead. Nell and Eric track Yaniv's destination, the airport, by cross-checking clients of Fletcher's firm. Callen and Sam are pinned down by gunmen, then the three old agents ride in firing on motorcycles, which they stole from the Chinese. The old men meet with Hetty for drinks, with a glass left for Granger.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 22 Quotes

Sam: You've got every gang in town looking for the gold.
Chegwidden: Then it's working.
Callen: Unbelievable.

My dad used to have a saying, 'Line it up in your sights, then take it out before it takes you out.'

Kensi [to Deeks]