Gibbs in Court - NCIS Season 16 Episode 21
Gibbs is not about to let a serial killer escape justice, so he sets out to find a new plan to take him down.

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NCIS Season 16 Episode 21: "Judge, Jury..."
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NCIS Season 16 Episode 21 Quotes

Lawyer: So, Agent Bishop. We are here today because of a federal initiative to get cold case DNA into modern systems. DNA which produced a match to the defendant, Stuart Crum, is that correct?
Bishop: Yes, if you look to exhibit A, the so-called 1989 ice cream murder, six klowny kake ice cream bars were partially cut open and laced with strict nine poison. Five children fell critically ill.
Lawyer: And Thomas Larson eventually died.
Bishop: Yes, it caused a nationwide panic.
Lawyer 2: Objection. How can agent Bishop speak to something that happened 30 years ago? Was this witness even alive in 1989?
Bishop: Actually, I was. I was four-years-old, and I vividly remember my father forbidding me and my brothers from running after the ice cream truck.

Dead gets us DNA now.