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Virgina tells Max that he has lost too much weight, and he isn't eating enough due to his naseau from the chemo, so he has to get a feeding tube put in. He's not looking forward to it. By the end of the hour, Helen comes and holds his hand as he prepares for the procedure. 

A officer named Marie is rushed into the hospital after being run down by a driver. Her partner Angelo is enraged, and when the presumed drunk driver is brought in, Angelo has to be restrained. They discover later that Leon, the driver, was not drunk but he had a stroke and was a veteran.

Angelo went to Leon's room and stood over him thinking that Leon should pay for what happend to Marie. They talk him down and tell him that Angleo wasn't drunk. 

Marie is too far gone to be saved by Floyd in the OR, and he breaks down after she dies. Leon has a tumor and needs an operation, but the hospital can't pay for it because of issues between private healthcare and the veteran hospital. 

Angelo takes the money collected for Marie and gives it to Leon for his surgery because they take care of their own. 

Kapoor's patient Margot gets cochelear implants put in but finds them overhwlming and doesn't liek them. She and her wife Tori speak to Iggy about the implants and why Margot chose to get them. When they realize she didn't want them and was doing it for Tori, she decides she wants to stay deaf. 

She and Tori are happy with her decision. 

Iggy goes to visit Jemma. Jemma asks strange and distant, and Iggy tries to get down to the bottom of what's bother her. Jemma feels like Iggy reminds her of how she broken she used to be. He tells her she isn't broken, but knows that it means they have grown apart and it's time for him to move on. She doesn't need him anymore. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

He has to pay.


Virginia: Max. I'm starting a feeding tube to mitigate that.
Max: Put me in, coach.