New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22 Review: Luna

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What a cliffhanger!

The series has spent the entre first season mastering the art of making fans ugly cry, and New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22 was the result of everything they learned along the way.

Tears are what they promised us, and that's what we got.

Goodwin Comfort - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

Welcome to the world, Luna! It was a hell of a journey arriving, but you have the Goodwin fighter spirit.

The series pulled a switcheroo on fans. Many of us were so concerned about whether or not Georgia or Luna would die; we did not anticipate anything or anyone else.

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As expected, Georgia had a placenta rupture, and it's why her blood was all over Max when he met Bloom at the door. If Bloom didn't show up at the Goodwins' home, there is no way neither Georgia nor the baby would have survived.

Bloody Hell - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 21

It was fascinating when the two doctors went into action trying to sterilize kitchen utensils and improvise for the sake of tending to Georgia. Can you imagine how scary it must be for all involved?

It's not the typical home birth which one plans for, but it was a matter of performing an emergency c-section at home. How terrifying is that ordeal?

Max was at a loss, and it speaks to how bad off he is himself; he could barely process everything happening in front of him. Bloom had to take over, and when she informed him of the choice he'd have to make between Luna and Georgia, she took over the decision too.

Running on Empty - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

It's a shame Bloom showed up to tell Max she didn't want to be a doctor anymore or work at New Amsterdam anymore. She was exceptional during the Goodwin crisis.

The way she reassured Max and reasoned how if he had to choose between his girls, he would carry the weight of it for his whole life, so she'd rid him of the guilt was enough to make a person emotional.

Helen: Max, what's happening?
Max: I'm trying to save my family.

Regardless of how she is in her personal life or the demons she battles, she has always been a great doctor. She stepped up in a big way, and it would be terrible if she wasted her gifts and talent. Of course, we have to find out if she's alive and well after the accident.

Georgia's surgery was intense. For starters, it was worrisome when she shared her moments with Max before she was put out. She spoke as though she knew death was a reality for her instead of a possibility.

Meeting Luna

She spoke of her potential death as though she didn't expect to live, and it was a sad scene. It was all the more hard to take it all in when Max is sick as well. It sank in how Luna could be alive and lose both of her parents.

It was something Max didn't think about enough. He was worried about him not being alive to see his daughter, and it never dawned on him how Georgia's difficult pregnancy could result in her death too.

Promise me that you'll save her. Save her first. Promise me that you'll save our baby girl. Promise me no matter what.


It was harrowing for a while in the aftermath of Luna's birth. Luna was healthy and beautiful, but Georgia was knocking on death's door. Fortunately, Helen got there in time with the blood and necessary equipment to revive Georgia, but holy crap it was intense!

A New Addition? - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

When it was apparent all would be well; I had my suspicions. Both Goodwin women were alive; Max was OK, and too much time remained in the hour.

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The ambulance crash was evident and yet not at the same time. It's a miracle Max held onto Luna during the calamity, and the baby appeared to be OK. An EMT gave him the signal suggesting Georgia is healthy as well.

Unfortunately, it's unclear if Bloom's fate is the same.

Bloom is Back! - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 21

The crash hurled Bloom from the vehicle, and she was lying out on the concrete in rough shape. Their colleagues arrived at the crash site in front of the hospital in record time, and their reactions weren't reassuring.

Bloom experienced the brunt of the damage from what we saw. Max is banged up, but he appears to be alright despite being dazed, but someone is dead.

Worst of all, we didn't see what happened to Helen! She was a badass. I loved how she stepped up as interim director, but she kept reminding people it was temporary; she refused to allow anyone to view the job as anyone else's but Max's.

Helen: After everything you have done, I would jump out of here and I would run the blood to you if I could, but we are not close enough. I am so sorry.
Max: I have to -- I have to choose between my wife or my daughter.

Of course, when Max called, Helen went running as she's prone to do. So, I'm assuming Panthaki (rudely) walking away from Helen was the last of him then?

It didn't stop Helen from doing everything she could to move heaven and earth to get that blood to Max in time.

Withdrawal - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 14

The ultimate trick the series played on viewers was having viewers fear Georgia could die and then ending the season not knowing if Helen is the one who is dead. We went into the hour and left the hour with a genuine fear that one of the important ladies in Max's life may have met her maker.

It's a cruel way to end the season. Where the hell is Helen?! I am unsettled and distraught!

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The idea of Iggy stepping back and reining in what makes him the best psychiatrist is infuriating. I loathe the social worker who got into his head and made him doubt himself like this.

It was the absolute worst when poor Jacob reached out to Iggy, and Iggy couldn't bring himself to hold the man's hand out of fear it would be crossing a line or overstepping boundaries.

Iggy Stalls

Jacob had an extreme case of PTSD, and once again, Iggy's patients are the most fascinating of the series. My heart ached for Jacob as he relived his trauma to get to the root of it.

The black and white flashbacks from his memories and the past mixed in with the present were incredible, and I loved the technique.

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He was afraid of reliving everything, but in the end, it's what he needed. He remembered a stranger saved him; he imagined the man as angry and many other things, but when he realized the stranger protected him, my heart swelled with emotions I cannot properly describe.

Kapoor's News - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

Jacob was afraid of the world and how awful and cruel it and people were, but his memory gave him hope and light.

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It reminded him of how there is light in all of this darkness. It was a moving and poignant message, and it not only suited the series and was a beautiful way of wrapping up the season, but it was perfect coming from the mouth of Iggy.

Iggy Investigated - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 20

We had some endearing Iggy and Kapoor moments; the two of them have one of the most solid friendships on the series outside of Max and Helen.

However, Kapoor's story for the season felt incomplete. What happened with Rohan and Ella?

How can I get inside somebody else's head if I can't get outside of my own.


Another surprise of the season was the result of Floyd's relationship with Evie. For a while, it felt as though they weren't meant to be, and he was stringing her along. Fortunately, it wasn't the case.

The Next Step - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

Evie got along well with Floyd's family, but his mom doesn't approve. She doesn't think Floyd and Evie are compatible, and Evie isn't "wife material" in the mind of Floyd's mother.

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The woman's ideals are archaic and stifling. Why would Evie have to give up her career to start a family? What difference does it make if Evie can't or doesn't cook?

Family Dinner with Floyd - tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

Floyd's a grown adult man, shouldn't he know how to cook for himself? Does it matter if Evie considers herself "spiritual" instead of some bible-thumper?

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Floyd didn't let his family, namely his mother discourage him from pursuing the next step in his relationship with Evie. They're engaged!

The season finale had a birth and an engagement, which is lovely, but it also kept us on the edge of our seats and left us with a crazy cliffhanger!

Taking Big Steps - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22

It's been a heck of a season, and New Amsterdam is without a doubt one of the best new series of the year. The second season cannot come fast enough!

Over to you 'Dam Fanatics! What shocked you the most? Are you relieved Georgia and Luna survived? Where the heck is Helen?

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Do you think Bloom is OK? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the finale? Hit the comments below!

If you want to fall in love with this beautiful series all over again, you can watch New Amsterdam online here via TV Fanatic!

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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Promise me that you'll save her. Save her first. Promise me that you'll save our baby girl. Promise me no matter what.


Iggy: You cannot keep going on in life treating everyone like they're a threat.
Jacob: But they are. Turn on the news.