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  • It opens with Kapoor taking care of a patient who has been in a coma for 14 years. 
  • He opens his eyes, and his wife is excited and thinks he's going to be OK, she calls in her kids. 
  • Kapoor explains that it won't be permanent. THe kids get it, but the wife doesn't. 
  • They all have to convince her to let him go. 
  • Eventually, she decides to do it. 
  • A group of people meet in the lobby and pray, and miracles start happening. Max doesn't belive in them. 
  • A young patient who was vaping comes in with signs that look like he's having a heart attack. He has a rare condition due to the vaping an needs a lung bypass. 
  • He's dying, and they don't think they can save him. Max approaches the man about prayer.
  • Floyd has to operate on him, and Max prays for the first time since his sister. He's not sure if he believes or not, but he tries. 
  • Lauren's patient is a smoker with issues, and the ER is all over the place and chaotic, but she gets it under control. 
  • A woman who lost weight but has excess skin talks about cutting it off herself. Helen gets Iggy to check her out. He does, and wants to help her get the surgery. 
  • Helen fudges the records to say the woman had cancer so insurance would cover the skin removal surgery. She's excited for the frst time. 
  • Some doctors realize that their patients haven't made it into Castro's study. Helen talks to Max about it, but he says there is nothing he can do. 
  • She talks to Castro, and it doesn't go over well. 
  • Max arranges for a play date with Alice, but he almost backs out when he thinks it's a real date. he's not ready for that. Helen encourages him, so he meets Alice. 
  • Iggy is binge eating still.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

It wasn't like I loved my body before, but it was my body.


I heard after they showed up some guy who was in a coma 14 years woke up.