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  • A patient is dropped off at New Amsterdam from another hospital facility because she's terminal, and they don't want her dying on  their watch.
  • Max goes to confront them and look into the situation and finds tons of other patients. He takes them back to New Amsterdam and tries to come up with a plan to help them die in peace wth an after care program.
  • He puts many of his doctors on the case with patients, each of them assigned to a case. 
  • He has a spunk woman named Adele who gets on Karen's good side and helps him come up with a better plan and system serving as his assistant for the day.
  • Iggy is with a young dying man who wanted to see his father only to tell him tha the hates him. The case gets to Iggy because he has a tough relationship with his dad too. 
  • The father comes to be with his son and stay with him anyway.
  • Ella feels smothered by Kapoor, but they work it out.
  • Floyd and Lauren's terminal patient wants to stay alive long enogh to see her grandbaby after her daughter's water breaks when she comes to the hospital to visit her mom.
  • But when the woman dies, Lauren defies her DNR and revives her. She and Floyd battle it out over this. 
  • Lauren tells him that she did what Max and everyone else would, and that Floyd doesn't fit in at New Amsterdam. 
  • Floyd calls to take the hospital in California up on their offer after that. 
  • Helen has to talk to a man about the meaning of life and what the afterlife will like. She finds a way to help him through it all. 
  • Max tells Helen that he worked so hard for these patients because of how he failed Georgia. They never had funeral and death plans. 
  • Max and Helen share their death plans with each other. 
  • Max manipulaes the donor Karen was trying to shmooze who refused to donate money into doing so by naming the aftercare/death wing after him and having him sign the check in front of the media. 
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Helen: In order to keep the peace between Castro and myself, I can't have you favoring me.
Max: I do, favor you.
Helen: OK, just keep that to yourself.

So, they sent me here to die?