Getting Sued - New Amsterdam
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Max and Alice make out and discuss whether or not they are ready for being with someone new.

Helen tells Lauren her suspicions about Castro. Lauren wants her to take it to Max or Karen. Helen decides to ruin the trial.

Iggy's patient says she feels unsafe and doesn't want to go to school because she can’t stop picturing a classmate who was shot in the head. Iggy confronts the parents about not telling him their daughter was involved in a school shooting but there wasn't one.

The doctors are served papers. They are being sued. Evie interviewed eveyone to determine if there is some credence to the wrongful death case of a white supremacist who committed a terrorist attack.

There wasn't but she suggests a settlement.

Helen switches out meds a bad one sabotage Castro study.

Kapoor thinks Ella's cat gives him bad luck. They talk to out and reach a compromise.

Lauren talks about her mom. She discovers she may have forgotten and Lauren needs to accept it.

Helen beats Castro and finds a way to get rid of her.

Mac confronts Helen about the Castro situation and gets her to admit every she gave castro half if her department. She says everything she does it for him. They have s charged moment but don't kiss.

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